Little Bake Shop

Our Story

Adrienne Engelhart and Andy Buck are the current faces behind Little Bake Shop.  They believe that to get the best tasting treats, you have to start with the best quality ingredients and make everything from scratch with a little extra love.  Being originally located at Johnson Orchards and living in the Yakima Valley, makes that easier by having access to all the amazing fresh fruit grown here. Additionally, they have a dedicated staff that helps them further expand their menu and keep the Bake Shop and coffee shop running full steam ahead.


The Little Bake Shop began in 2011 by mother daughter team Jill Johnson and Adrienne Engelhart.  Their goal was to use the wide variety of fresh fruit grown on the orchard that Jill and her husband Eric own, to share their love of baking with their community.  Over the past 10 years, their business has grown beyond their wildest dreams.

In 2021 Jill stepped away from the bakery and Andy Buck stepped in as Adrienne’s new business partner.  It was a natural transition for Andy as he was the former manager of Johnson Orchards and had been selling and enjoying the baked goods from the start.